31 Aug 2023

Clarksons Newsletter September 2023

BACK TO SCHOOL – SET UP A TAX-FREE CHILDCARE ACCOUNT? The Government’s Tax-Free Childcare Accounts provide a 25% subsidy towards the cost of childcare. The account can be used to pay nursery fees, registered childminders,...

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28 Jul 2023

Clarksons Newsletter August 2023

PROVIDE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION OF R&D CLAIMS FROM 8 AUGUST 2023 The latest Finance Act includes two changes that will affect all R&D claims: a requirement to provide additional information before an R&D claim is made;...

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30 Jun 2023

Clarksons Newsletter July 2023

DEADLINE FOR TOPPING UP NI CONTRIBUTIONS EXTENDED AGAIN TO 5 APRIL 2025 With all of the changes to personal pensions in the Spring Budget, maximising the State Pension entitlement should not be overlooked. The full rate of new State...

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5 Jun 2023

Clarksons Newsletter June 2023

SHOULD EMPLOYEES REIMBURSE THEIR EMPLOYER FOR PRIVATE FUEL? Where the employer provides an employee with a company car there may be an additional benefit in kind on the provision of fuel for private journeys which needs to be reported on...

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2 May 2023

Clarksons Newsletter May 2023

2022/23 P11d FORMS TO BE SUBMITTED ONLINE The deadline for filing the P11d forms to report benefits in kind in respect of directors and employees for 2022/23 is 6 July 2023.  Note, however, that the original and amended reports must...

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